Moldable lightweight for a variety of applications.

Scope of application

Its physical properties make aluminum a versatile material for use in various industrial sectors. Its low weight and thermal conductivity predestine the use of aluminum in the automotive, aerospace and aviation industries. It is also frequently used in electrical engineering due to its good electrical conductivity. In the construction industry, aluminum is also used as a separating material or vapour barrier in windows, facades, doors, roof and wall systems. Properties of aluminum are:

Aluminum properties

Low tare weight Significant material for the automotive, aerospace and aviation industries
Very good formability Enables 3D forming
Good thermal conductivity Heat shielding for sensitive components (e.g. engine compartment)
Nonmagnetic Shielding of electrical components, e.g. vehicle battery for electric vehicles
Corrosion resistant Many fields of application
Electrical conductivity Suitable for the electrical industry
Up to 95% recyclable Environmentally friendly when reused


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