Stainless steel

Robust and heat resistant in one.

Scope of application

Like aluminium, stainless steel is quite versatile. Due to its hygienic and germ-resistant surface, it is mainly used in the food and pharmaceutical industries. In electrical engineering, stainless steel is used because of its good conductivity, depending on the alloy. The high melting point at approx. 1510 °C and good formability make stainless steel an ideal material for shielding against heat, which is particularly in demand in the automotive industry and in motor sports. The fine appearance and corrosion-resistance of stainless steel surfaces is of great importance for the building and furniture industry when it comes to questions of aesthetics and functionality. In summary, the properties of stainless steel are:

Properties of stainless steel

Corrosion-resistant For use in visible areas
Weather-proof Also well-suited for outdoor use
Hygienic property Food and pharmaceutical industry
High heat resistance Extreme temperature requirements
Durable Low maintenance components
Good formability Individually applicable
Up to 100% recyclable Environmentally friendly when reused


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