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Brass is an alloy of the metals copper and zinc. Depending on the area of application, the content of copper or zinc is higher. This determines the unique colour of brass. The higher the copper content, the more reddish the material becomes, and the higher the zinc content, the more light yellow the alloy turns. Brass is usually used for decorative fittings on furniture, in the jewellery and music industries, as well as in the building trade.

Nickel silver

Nickel silver is a mixture of the alloys copper, nickel and zinc. Due to these different alloys, nickel silver obtains useful properties such as high strength and corrosion resistance and at the same time a silver-like appearance. Common applications of nickel silver are cutlery, musical instruments, medical and electro technical devices as well as jewellery.


Bronze consists mainly of the alloys copper and tin. The areas of application are wide-ranging, from percussion cymbals to medals in the sports sector. Bronze can also be found in the furniture sector, for example as a material for decorative fittings or as an artificial casting for uniform bronze doors.


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